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Recent exam papers. This is the next step.

It is a good idea to know you can pass this exam before you go for it. The way to do this is to tackle those exams before you try for your real one. We have amassed a good number of papers that previous students have given me after their real exam. Where they have not been able to remember all the questions, I've made up the numbers myself and inserted "difficult ones" so that when you attempt your own exam, you'll find it easier than the ones you've already tackled.

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Details of "the Knowledge" Exam (Topographical Test).

The Staff at the Taxi Examination Centre no longer sets the Topographical Test. This is now responsibilty of the Taxi Licensing Staff at the Council. The exam is now held at the Council Offices in the High Street. They have found the room with the most relaxing environment possible within the Council buildings for you. They are to be commended for this.

The Licence you will obtain upon passing the exam lasts for one year when it must be renewed upon payment of the appropriate fee. The time given to complete the exam is one hour. The first part of the exam consists of eighty questions asking for locations of streets, hotels, schools, places of interest, consular offices, licensed premises, golf clubs, etc. The second part consists of five routes, where you are given a street to begin the route and a street to end the route, and you are asked to give the streets you would travel through to get from A to B. You must complete four of the five routes given. Failure to do so results in failure of the exam.

It follows therefore, that if you do not know where four start points or four end points are, you will not be able to pass the exam. Seventy two of the eighty questions must be answered correctly. This may sound extremely difficult, but you should remember that there are some three thousand drivers out there, all of whom have passed this exam. They have done it, so can you! You'll obtain a reasonably well paid job at the end of your toils.

Licence Application


 You must complete the following stages to obtain your Licence.

  • Topographical test held at the City Chambers, High Street
  • Medical (Class 2)
  • Licensing Conditions module held at Stevenson College
  • Wheelchair Training module held at Lothian Community Transport Services, 200 Sir Harry Lauder Road

When you are near to completing your topographical exam work, we will advise you to apply for the exam which means you will have to go to the Council shop for taxi licences on the High Street. You will have to go in person so they can take your photograph. Take with you your exam fee which at present is £182.00. You should also have your ordinary driving Licence, which must show your current address, and know your national insurance number. The council will then arrange your medical and advise you of your appointment for that by post. Approx one week after applying for the exam, you should contact the Council who will advise you what dates are available for your exam. In order to complete your training for your taxi drivers Licence you have to complete five modules. These cost £69.00 incl. VAT each or, if booked in block, the total is £284.00 incl. VAT.

The modules consist of:

  • Disability & Wheelchair Access
  • Licensing Conditions
  • Customer Care
  • Stress & Conflict Management
  • First Aid

You will be able to get your Licence if you complete the first two, providing you complete the other three within six months of obtaining your Licence. There is no need to wait to do the modules until the exam comes along - you can do these at any time. Our advice though, is to wait until you are sure you will be sitting a topographical test. Once these modules are paid for, you won't get all your money back if you decide not to do them.You should be aware that if you have any criminal convictions, no matter how serious or minor,you must declare the conviction(s) on the application and the Cab Inspector may or may not object to your application for a Taxi Driver's Licence. You have the right to appeal against the objection.

I look forward to helping you to become a Cabbie.



Induction takes half an hour to an hour depending on how many questions you have. All students coming to the course must do the induction to understand how the course works. 

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Edinburgh Taxi Academy is an established and reputable company who specialise in helping you achieve your licence.

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Licence Application

We are here to help and guide you through the entire licence application process from the initial topographical test through to modules which follow.

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