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Thanks for your interest and for having a look at the website.

The Edinburgh Taxi Academy has been helping students obtain their Licence since 1997. Started by Bob Dewar, the course delivers a unique way to study and learn the knowledge of Edinburgh. No other taxi school uses this method.We work in class and coach you the best routes to use.

I worked with Bob for 9+ years helping to deliver the course to numerous students with a pass rate second to none. When Bob retired I decided to continue with the course. 

It has been a busy time since taking over in 2013 and i'm very pleased to say that the success rate has been great.

A big well done to all the students who worked hard to gain their licence.

I hope to make the process to becoming a cabbie as enjoyable as it can be.

The full course will continue to offer preparation to pass the exam set by the council, so you can obtain a taxi drivers licence. It will give you all the information,help and guidance to make things as easy as possible.

There are 3 Cabbies in class from City Cabs,Central Taxis and a Street Car Driver/Accredited Tour Guide who all have a wealth of Knowledge on our city. We are here to guide & coach you along the way to obtaining the Licence.

We have extra tools to help along the way. A CD quiz and a flash card App that can be installed onto your iphone/ipad/ipod touch. The App especially, can help study when not at home. 

A correspondence course is also available for those who cannot attend classes. It takes the form of the full course, but with mail or email tests sent to the student.

The course is held on Monday and Wednesday evenings (7pm-9pm) at Leith Academy, 20 Academy Park, Edinburgh, EH6 8JQ.

For the 1st Part of the course,you are only required to attend the Wednesday evening sessions. When this is complete you will attend Monday evening sessions for test/route work.

Wednesday is the zone session lecture night, where we take a section or zone of the city, there are 7 zones, and work through the main housing areas, main arterial routes and streets in this zone only. After a fortnight of study, you will be asked to do a test, so I can monitor your work. This will continue until all zones are complete, then you shall pass onto the second part of the course. This is where you shall attempt actual exams that have either been presented at the Cab office or the High Street. You will work to “fine tune” your knowledge until you are ready to sit the Council exam.

During the second part of the course, you are welcome to attend any of the zone lectures again, if you feel the need to refresh yourself with it.

I am also available during the day (office hours) by phone or email with any concerns you might have. 



Induction takes half an hour to an hour depending on how many questions you have. All students coming to the course must do the induction to understand how the course works. 

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About Us

Edinburgh Taxi Academy is an established and reputable company who specialise in helping you achieve your licence.

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Licence Application

We are here to help and guide you through the entire licence application process from the initial topographical test through to modules which follow.

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